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Be careful if you urinate excessively at night

Be careful if you urinate excessively at night

If you urinate excessively at night, be careful! Japanese doctors say that people who have to get up frequently at night to urinate should reduce the amount of salt in their diet.

This problem is called nocturia. People are affected by this after the age of 60. Due to this, the sleep of the people suffering from it is disturbed and the life of the people is also affected.

This study has been done on more than 300 people. Researchers found that people who reduced salt intake also got relief from the problem of frequent urination at night. British doctors also say that the symptoms of this problem can be reduced by proper eating habits.

Doctors from Nagasaki University presented the results of their study at the European Society of Urology congress in London.

Patients who ate too much salt were monitored for three months to see if they suffered from sleep problems. He was asked to reduce salt in his diet. The habit of frequent urination of those who did this reduced.

People who urinated more than twice at night were more likely to urinate only once. Its effect was clearly visible even during the day and the quality of their life improved.

In this study, 98 people were fed more salt than required and its effect was completely opposite. He would wake up several times during the night to urinate.

Dr. Matsuo Tomohiro, who conducted this study, said that a larger study is needed to confirm this, but it will definitely help the elderly.

He said that correcting your diet can make life better in many cases. Nocturia expert Professor Marcus Drake of Bristol University says that the amount of salt people generally eat has no relation to nocturia. In the match: Dr. observes the amount of water drunk. How much water you drink before going to bed also matters.

After age 50, more than half of men and women lose sleep to empty their bladder at night. This is generally a common problem in older people. Most of these people wake up at least twice.

If you get up to urinate more than twice at night, your sleep is disrupted. This increases stress, confusion and irritability also increases.

It’s not just a side effect of aging

Hormones change with age. This is why there is more urination at night. As men age, their prostate gland often becomes larger. The enlarged prostate can put pressure on the tube and cause excessive urination.

But this is not the whole story. Nocturia is a sign of a health problem, whether you suffer from diabetes. You may also suffer from heart disease or insomnia.

How much salt is too much?

Adults in Britain are advised to consume 6 grams of salt every day. This should equal 2.4 grams of sodium. Children should eat two grams of salt daily for three years. At the age of seven to 10 years it should be increased to 5 grams. After the age of 11 years, children should also eat 6 grams of salt daily.

Which food has more salt at night?

Breakfast breads and cereals contain more salt than you might think. Bacon, ham, cheese, crisps and pasta sauce are also high in salt. When you buy any processed food, check the amount of salt per 100 grams on the packet. – BBC Hindi


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