How did Israel intelligence, which is said to be the most powerful in the world, fail?


“How it happened, we don’t know.” This is the reaction of the Israeli official. How could the Israeli intelligence, which has such extensive resources and is said to be the most powerful in the world, not know about this attack? Many are asking questions.

Thousands of rockets were fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip on Saturday morning, while dozens of armed Palestinian fighters managed to cross the heavily guarded border between the Gaza Strip and Israel.

Despite Israel’s domestic investigative agency Shin Bet, foreign intelligence agency Mossad and the powerful Israeli military, no one knew anything about the attack.

Israel Hamas war
Israel Hamas war

Or did they know about it but couldn’t do anything to stop it?

In this attack, 100 Israeli citizens were killed and more than 985 were injured. While 198 Palestinians were killed and more than 1000 were injured in Israel’s retaliatory attack.

israel attack
israel attack

israel__A look at the latest struggle

– Dozens of armed fighters of the Palestinian Islamist extremist group Hamas entered southern Israel after a sudden attack from the Gaza Strip.

Thousands of rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel. At least 100 Israeli civilians were killed in this attack while more than 985 were injured.

– The head of Hamas, Mohammed Zaif, said, “This is too much.”

– Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said, “This is not just an incitement, it is a war and the enemy will pay a heavy price for it.”

– Many Israelis have been taken as hostages to the Gaza Strip.

– At the meeting of Israel’s security chiefs, Prime Minister Netanyahu has given instructions to clean up the infiltrators. He said, “This is a war and we will win this war.”

– The IDF launched a counter-attack on the Hamas camp. Israel has carried out airstrikes on 17 Hamas camps and 4 headquarters in the Gaza Strip.

– Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said, “Hamas has made a big mistake.”

– According to the Israeli media, shootings are taking place between Israeli security forces and Palestinian fighters in many places in southern Israel.

– Hospitals in Israel have informed that dozens of injured are being treated and the condition of many of them is serious.

How powerful is Israel’s defense system?

Israel is believed to have the most extensive and well-resourced intelligence agency in West Asia.

Agents and informants of Israel’s intelligence agencies are in Lebanon, Syria and anywhere except Palestinian extremist groups.

In the past, it has assassinated extremist leaders with precision and has intimate knowledge of their every move.

After an israel1 agent installs a GPS tracker on a target car, it is targeted by a drone. Explosive mobile phones have also been used in some cases.

Land security is also very strict. The border between Gaza and Israel is heavily fenced with cameras, ground motion sensors and constant army patrols.

Since barbed wire is placed on the wall, the possibility of intrusion like this time is minimal.

But Hamas fighters demolished these walls with bulldozers, cut the wire and entered Israel by sea and with the help of paragliders.

This complex attack took place right under the nose of the Israelis, so large and with such coordination that thousands of rockets were fired. It appears that Hamas has adopted an extraordinary level of military action.

How Israeli intelligence failed

On the 50th anniversary of a similar surprise attack in the Yom Kippur War in 1973, the Israeli media is questioning its country’s military and political leadership as to how this attack happened.

According to Israeli officials, an extensive investigation has begun and “this question will remain for many years.”

But Israel has much more important work to do right now. It has suppressed infiltrators from its southern border and freed many communities from the capture of Hamas extremists on the Israeli side of the border fence.

Israel will have to find ways to free its citizens, whether through a military rescue operation or through negotiations.

It will try to remove all rocket launch sites in Israel. But this is a very difficult task because it can be hit from anywhere in a very short time.

But Israel’s biggest concern is how to stop other people from joining the struggle at Hamas’s appeal, and how to stop the fighting from spreading to the West Bank?

Because Hezbollah fighters equipped with advanced weapons across the northern border with Lebanon can be involved in this battle.

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