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Young Chinese girl attracted to AI boyfriends

Young Chinese girl attracted to AI boyfriends

The number of Chinese girls making AI boyfriends, i.e. lovers based on artificial intelligence, is increasing. As they have better communication skills than real men, they are starting to associate with AI chatbots.

The concept of AI Boyfriend i.e. AI Chatbot Boyfriend comes from the app Glow developed by Minimax, a start-up based in Shanghai, China. In China, the industry sector is expanding due to the relationship between humans and robots.

Under this, the app provides the facility to communicate in a friendly and affectionate manner. According to the company, thousands of people are downloading this app daily in recent days.

Despite the potential risk of illegal data usage by Chinese technology companies, users are attracted to the companionship provided by the AI platform. Due to China’s fast-paced lifestyle, extended office hours and urban isolation, its users are increasingly turning to such technologies for communication.

“He knows how to talk to a woman better than a real man,” a user named Tufei told AFP. It feels like being in a romantic relationship.”

Another AI companion app
There are other such Chinese apps, including Webon and Wantok, where users can enjoy AI companions. These apps provide customizable characters.

“It’s very difficult to find an idol boyfriend in real life,” Wang Xiuting, a 22-year-old WantTalk user from Beijing, told AFP. Can do. Then I’m not going to choose a real person.”

How can AI be better?
People can insist on change. But AI adapts to the user’s emotions and personality and changes his expression accordingly.

“Everybody has hard times and feels lonely. But not everyone has that one friend or family with them who listens 24 hours a day.”

“Artificial intelligence can do that,” said Lu Yu, head of product management and operations at Wantac.

Regulation of Beijing:
Although the AI industry is expanding rapidly, there is a significant lack of regulation for it, especially considering user privacy. Beijing has expressed its intention to create a consumer protection law keeping in mind the emerging technology.


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